Tom Hymn

Songs from la Época de Oro

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"It started as Early Magic, this nowhere notion of nowhere dreaming. Music made of pilgrimage. It started in Iowa, migrated to Michigan, and continues as Tom Hymn: the minstrel poet of the mundane. He walks. Across Grand Rapids. Across entire countries. And his second album, Tom Hymn’s Tangerine Dream, contains each step, taking you on the journey with him: the dirty feet, the blistered sunburn, the fantasy. The album is a lullaby of slinky folk trance garage punk from la Época de Oro. The sound is Bob Dylan. The sound is Neutral Milk Hotel. It’s solo. It’s full. It’s hymn and harmony, plainsong and prose, together and apart. You feel it, like a friend confiding, like a road trip, like a campfire song. It is the soundtrack to your sleep, Tom Hymn’s Tangerine Dream, and your subconscious demands a listen."

-Tyler Dunning