Tom Hymn

Songs from la Época de Oro

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New Album
Available September 1
on vinyl / cd / digital

This record was born out of a dream-long pilgrimage: through the fields of Iowa to the banks of the Mississippi. Over the sea to walk across countries. Sleeping in dimly lit hostels with new friends from all over the globe. Sitting in living rooms watching Cosmos. Slaying old monsters that you were told would devour you if you didn't live a certain way. Spilling your guts with loved ones in city apartments. Internet dating schemes gone awry. Driving through the Tobacco Roots with your dad. Stealing riffs from your favorite bands. Searching for some internal release only to be given a different answer. Finding yourself grasping and then being reminded to let go. This is Tom Hymn's Tangerine Dream.

My good droog, Jacob Bullard (Major Murphy, Antrim Dells), and I began putting these dreams-turned-to-song down on tape in January 2016. Spending long nights in a loaned carriage house on the shores of Lake Michigan in the dead of winter we laid the base of the album. Eerie and weird sounds coming from a lack of sleep and too much Jim Beam. Then moving to an old out-of-use church in the peak of a Grand Rapids summer, and recording vocals in a sweaty un-AC'd confessional booth. Hitting 'record' only between firework explosions and poltergeist hijinx. Then moving into multiple other garages, bedrooms, and parlors to end up sitting with Jacob, holding his newborn baby, in the mixing booth (a screened-in porch) and finishing THTD

You'll hear personal field recordings from the Camino in Spain, the Bells of Albury in England, my little friend Snar, confused Spanish radio signals, Fatima of the Casa del Sol farm, and more. You'll hear my friends lending their incredible musical talents to each track. You'll hear songs that have been played live for two to three years already and some that have rarely seen the light of stage. You'll hear the production wizardry of Jacob the Skuzz-man. All of these coalesce to bring you along on the Early Magic Mystery Tour inside the Tangerine Dream.

Release Show
September 7